Tutorial: Custom Map Tilesets

While making your MMORPG or online RPG game, you’ll probably want to use your own tilesets and graphics. With MMORPG Maker XB, it’s easy to use your own graphics and tilesets.

Here’s how:

1. In the top menu bar, you should see a button labeled “Import.” Click on it.

2. In the dialog that appears, select the drop-down menu. Select “Tilesets” so we can upload to the tilesets folder.

3. Click the “Browse” button to search your computer hard drive for game tilesets.

4. Click the “Import” button when you’re finished.

5. On the left sidebar, open the “Tilesets” folder.

6. Double-click your imported tileset.

7. You can now start using your own custom tileset!

Hint: Hold your mouse button down and drag to select multiple tiles at once.

Click here to get MMORPG Maker XB

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